Monday, October 31, 2016

Guadalupe by Harmony Farms: A Review

Look for this schmancy bottle

Being a man on the go, I primarily eye my way through various sativa remedies. This is because at the end of the day I like to unwind with euphoric highs that keep me motivated to fulfill my creative outlets. It also doesn't hurt to chill and listen to some sick beats either.

Guadalupe is a strain I picked up from Origins in Seattle. Its total THC content is 20.8%, and it's a nice sativa for the price. Upon opening the jar, I noticed it had a puckering, sweet smell like that of peach rings or gummy worms, with a soapy scent on the back end. The bud is bulky and round enough that you might have to force your little fingers in the jar mouth and pry it out like your life depended on it. Looking good enough to eat, the morsels are covered with beautiful amber accents, accompanied by some delicious frost.

Preferably I smoke through a bong or a bubbler, but for this occasion, I rolled some joints instead to properly taste my smoke; what initially started off a little soapy, ended with a piney finish. Fresh.

Once well smoked out, I let the waves of marijuana roll over me and, (like other sativas before it) I succumbed to my need to giggle and dance. A comforting, numbing sensation warmed my temples and the area behind my eyes before receding down my back in butterfly patterns, and transforming into a taut sensation focused towards the middle of my forehead. The base of my spine relaxed as a lofty feeling stole across my shoulders. Overall, I was in a purely blissful state, where the music sounded better, jokes were funnier, and ideas ran rampant like woodland creatures through my mind.

All in all, depending on your tolerance and how much you smoke, the effects can last anywhere from an hour and a half to three and a half. At $52.00 for an eighth, it's a little spendy, but if you can swing the extra cash I recommend you try it out. It's as fun to smoke as the name is to say.

I've been your friendly neighborhood pothead, see you all next time.

Consensus: Buy

Rating: 3.5 (Smokable)