Wednesday, September 14, 2016

What is Hemp Life?

What is Hemp Life?  Weed + Music = Hemp Life!  Basically, Hemp Life is the energy or chemistry created when you combine weed and music.  For example.  Have you ever been high and wanted to keep listening to your favorite song?  How about being an artist and being able to tap into another zone?  Hemp Life sort of helps bridge the gap between weed and music as well as artists, models, business professionals, fashion and creative design.  And that's just touching the surface of it...Hemp Life is much more than just smoking weed and listening to music!  For those that live it and understand it...Hemp Life is more of a lifestyle.  It's a process that becomes a part of your life (or for some everyday living)!  It's a culture that allows for self expression and the freedom to celebrate unique talents.  It's a community where like-minded individuals can come together and spark ideas ;) or share visions!

What is Hemp?  Hemp itself is more like the strains of Cannabis Sativa that is bred specifically for clothing, paper, oils, topical ointments, nutritional values, etc.  Marijuana is more of the strains of the Cannabis plant that is bred for the potent resinous gland that grow on the flowers and leaves (or known to us smokers as "bud").  

So as you can see, both Hemp & Marijuana come from the same plant (Cannabis), they are just bred for different purposes.  One (Hemp) is used for a variety of purposes (other than smoking) and the other (Marijuana) is used primarily for smoking!  Both are equally important to the 420 culture, it just depends on what side of the plant you use.  #HempLife

--Written by Tazzy for Hemp Life Magazine

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